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Project title:

Center for autism in Tuzla

Project location:

Municipality Tuzla, Tuzla Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project participants / Donors:

q  Municipality Tuzla

q  Tuzla Canton Ministry of labour, social policy and DPS

q  Other relevant ministries of Tuzla Canton, Federation BiH and BiH

q  Municipalities within TK (center users)

q  Other bilateral donors and international donors

q  Hilfswerk Austria International



Representation office Sarajevo, Derviša Numića 6, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH

Contact person: Suzana JAŠAREVIĆ, Country Director for BiH

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. tel. +387 61 172 238    +387 33 525 369

Program aims:

Civil society building with aim to promote, protect and provide full and equal human rights and basic freedom for children with special needs

Project background:

Project aims:

Expected results:

Social inclusion is the basis of EU socio-economic development, strategy and policy. In the same time, socially excluded persons are one of the biggest problems in BiH. BiH is the signatory of important documents in human and other rights protection of disabled persons; hence the environment in which this support is provided is not always adequate. Although there is no observation/diagnostic ceneter for this disability, autism, Association of persons with autism parents from Tuzla, has 80 children members with autistic spectre disorders, mostly with no treatment. Nonexistence of medical/pedagogic/social system of services for persons with autism threatens their basic human rights for health, rehabilitation, education, work and all other rights.

Provide better conditions for provision of services and work with autistic children/persons in BiH through construction and establishment of a new centre in support to autistic children/persons, equipping the centre, organization of centre management and work including education and training, networking of NGOs that work in this field, creation of centre for observation and diagnostic with department for early intervention within the center.

  • Created adequate conditions for work with autistic persons through constructed and equipped Center for autistic children (approx. 555 m2 in gross) in Tuzla;
  • Provided all legal preconditions for centre start of work including definition of users, use contract and building maintenance and else;
  • Established, equipped and put in function Early diagnostic centre (a building of about 149 m2);
  • Organized education in management, organization and work arrangements of the center, know-how transfer for other similar centers in the region (Croatia, Austria), engagement of regional experts and study visits – public institution in combination with NGOs
  • Establishment of center functioning and provision of support in the period of minimum one year – till the full centre function
  • Improved level of services provision, social inclusion, human rights and increased number of serviced users;
  • Better connected governmental and nongovernmental institutions that work with disabled children through round tables (exchange of experience and transfer of good practices)

Project beneficiaries:

Direct project beneficiaries are children and persons with autism and their families, association and institutions for work with children and persons with autism from whole BiH..  


Total estimated project value:

Phase 1 – construction and equipment - About 613.283 EUR where:

  • TK ministries confirmed - 300.000 KM or 153.388 EUR
  • Municipality Tuzla – in kind contribution (land, infr. connections, approvals, etc.) – 102.258 EUR
  • Missing for Phase 1 from other donors about -  357.637 EUR

Phase 2: - education and training and putting the center in function about 105.200 EUR for 12 months

Estimated Project duration:

At least 24 months (Remark – the project is feasibly successful only if both phases are implemented)




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