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Handover of keys and opening ceremony of the building in Brusulje

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keys1Within the project “Construction of collective housing in Brusulje, Vasin Han, municipality Stari Grad, as permanent housing for internally displaced families”, in the presence of many officials, we handed over keys to nine internally displaced families from the municipality Stari Grad.
The project was founded by the Ministry of of Labour, Social Policy, Displaced persons and Refugees of Sarajevo Canton, Municipality Stari Grad, FB&H Ministry of Displaced Persons and Refugees and Hilfswerk Austria International with a total amount of about 590,000.00 KM.

Workshops as a support for inclusive education

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radionice1Within the project “PEARL - Supporting inclusive education of children with disabilities in kindergartens and preschools, in both B&H entities” we organized several workshops which provided professional support to teachers in preschools, parents and educators, psychologists, social workers and medical staff involved in a chain of diagnostics and help for children with disabilities and learning disabilities. We held 12 workshops (in Sarajevo, Srebrenica, Milići and Kiseljak) with a total of 223 participants and 19 experts in the field of inclusive education who took part in the project. The project is founded by the Erste Stiftung.


Housing for fifteen Roma families

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roma1Total project value is 380, 000 KM for construction and rehabilitation of housing units for Roma who signed the contracts today. Fifteen Roma families from MZ Kiseljak, Pasci and Mosnik will soon get a roof over their heads. Today, in the building of the Municipality Tuzla, a ceremonial signing of tripartite agreements with the beneficiaries of the project “Solving the housing problems of Roma in the Municipality Tuzla- Phase 1” was held. The contracts with the beneficiaries were signed by the Minister Mr. Safet Halilović, mayor of the Municipality Tuzla Mr. Jasmin Imamović and Mission Director of Hilfswerk Austria International for BiH Mrs. Suzana Jašarević.

Letter of Commitment signed

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Building insulation and energy efficient lighting for low income housing building in Rogatica

The USAID Enterprise Energy Efficiency (3E) Project signed, on September 7, 2011, a Letter of Commitment with Hilfswerk Austria International for the installation of building insulation and energy efficient lighting in a low income housing project in Rogatica. The Hilfswerk Austria International is constructing this building with the support of the the U.S. Embassy, the RS Ministry of Refugees and Displaced Persons and the Municipality of Rogatica. The building is located in the center of Rogatica, close to the Municipality building. The USAID 3E Project will finance the thermal insulation of the building, a 10cm thick thermal insulation that is in line with the requirements for this particular climate zone and install compact florescent light bulbs (CFL) that will provide further savings for the home owners.

“The people who will live in this building will benefit from the energy efficiency measures, not only because of the energy (money) savings, but also because the living comfort will be improved significantly.” – stated Mak Kamenica – USAID 3E Deputy Chief of Party.  

UNHCR supporting return to Kalesija municipality

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Continuing its work to support the sustainability of return, UNHCR, on Monday, provided Serb returnees to the village of Gojcin in Kalesija municipality with over nine kilograms of wheat seed for winter cultivation. The provision of agricultural support allows returnee families to use their land and farming experience to ensure livelihood sustainability - a key element in making return successful.

Unemployment is a major problem in Kalesija and the economic crisis has had a particularly negative effect on returnees who are already in a vulnerable situation. In the past, returnees to the area have protested against the lack of opportunities and assistance. UNHCR's provision of the wheat seed, in cooperation with the "Association of Citizens and Farmers" from Gojcin and "Hilfswerk Austria", will support some 51 families (218 individuals) and is a step towards addressing the concerns of Serb returnees to the area and ensuring the success of return. Once the community is economically self-sustainable, it is hoped that other displaced people will opt to return there.

UNHCR continues to provide various types of assistance to returnees throughout BiH and advocates with authorities at all

levels in the country for the removal of the social, legal, economic and political obstacles which block sustainable return.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees

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