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Provision of durable housing solutions

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Project title:
Provision of durable housing solutions (social housign model) for extremely vulnerable tenants of one collective centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina, closing the centre

Project location:

Project participants/Donors:
- SAD, Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (BPRM)
- Ministry for Refugees and Displaced Persons of RS
- Rogatica Municipality
- USAID BiH through project Enterprise Energy Efficiency (3E)

Implementating partner:
Representative Office in Sarajevo, Derviša Numića 6, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH
Contact person: Suzana JAŠAREVIĆ, Head of Mission for BiH

Program objectives:
- Contribution to the implementation of revised strategy of the implementation of Annex 7 of the Dayton Peace Agreement, increasing security and reducing poverty by improving the quality of life of vulnerable households in B&H - residents of collective centers. For them will be provided permanent housing solutions on the principle of social housing, and consequently reduce the number of collective centers in B&H.

Project objectives:
Improving housing conditions and social inclusion of displaced persons in B&H, through the construction of new housing units for socially vulnerable families in the Municipality of Rogatica. The main project activities are the construction of a residential building with 14 (fourteen) housing units on the principle "key in hand" and appropriate measures of sustainability.

Achieved results:
- Construction of a building with 14 residential units in Rogatica Municipality according the principle "key in hand", for 13 families residing in the collective center of the "National University" Rogatica and an area for joint activities;
- Closing the building of a collective center "National University" Rogatica;
- Outdoor facilities - access to the new building (part);
- Thermo facade and installation of savings bulbs in cooperation with the USAID project 3E - monitoring the effects of reducing household energy consumption (energy efficiency);
- Revitalization of living conditions through the awarding of grants, equipping the housing units and / or organization of various activities for the beneficiaries;

Project beneficiaries:
Direct beneficiaries of the project are 13 families (15 persons), displaced socially vulnerable persons (DPs), returnee and domicile persons who now live in collective centre „National University“ Rogatica and whole population in Rogatica (return of old building purposes of the National University)

Total value of the project: 638.429 $ as follows:
- BPRM – 500.000 $
- Ministry for Refugees and Displaced Persons of RS – 50.000 KM (33.275 $)
- Rogatica Municipality – 50.000 KM (33.275 $)
- Rogatica Municipality (land, infrastructure, permissions) cca. 51.909 $
- USAID about 30.000 KM (19.970 $)

Project duration: 16 months

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