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The country Bosnia and Herzegovina still faces serious difficulties to find durable solutions for suitable accommodation, integration and socialization of the most vulnerable population such as socially vulnerable women and their families who have no or very little income, single mothers, widows who lost their husbands in the war and/or traumatized women such as war victims.

This project focuses on these socially vulnerable women who live in Canton Sarajevo, Municipality Ilijaš and its aim is to erect and finance a house for their accommodation.

Objectives of the Project are:

- Construction of a resident building with 6 one-room apartments in the Municipality Ilijaš
- Provision of accommodation for 6 families of women war victims, widows and/or vulnerable women head of households and their children through construction of a resident building
- Improved community life through improvement of living environment

Characteristics of the targeted area:

Municipality of Ilijaš in Canton Sarajevo is amongst the most specific municipalities in B&H as during the war it was occupied by the Serb forces, what resulted in displacement of local Bosnians and Bosnian Croats population to Croatia and wider area of Federation of B&H. On the other hand, after the DPA signature and
before the reintegration of Ilijaš municipality into the Federation of B&H, almost complete Bosnian Serb population fled to areas of Republic Srpska or Serbia.

Target group:

Project beneficiaries are at least 6 families or about 15 to 25 persons who are socially vulnerable women, single mothers or widows.
The Municipality will Ilijaš organize together with Hilfswerk Austria and H. Stepic CEE Charity the selection of beneficiaries who apply on public invitation and in commission for beneficiary selection for accommodation in the house.

Project data:

Budget: EUR 120.000
Project duration: September 2008 – July 2009
Project donor: H. Stepic CEE Charity & Municipality Ilijas
Project implementor: Hilfswerk Austria Mission Office in BiH

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