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Provision of durable housing solution and reinstatement of human dignity

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Project Title: Provision of durable housing solution and reinstatement of human dignity – SOCIAL HOUSING
Implementing agency: HILFSWERK AUSTRIA

Project aims: Human safety improvement, poverty reduction and life quality improvement through establishment of durable housing solutions for the most needy population, including:

- Strengthening the participation of local authorities and associations as contribution to positive processes in B&H that will lead to faster joining to process of stabilization and association to the EU;

- Strengthening the process of local integration of families that were not in position to return to pre war habitat;

Project aim is to offer wholesome response to needs of women war victims and/or protected witnesses and internally displaced persons whose houses/apartments were completely destroyed and to assist their integration and offer permanent housing solutions, independent work organisation and psycho-social assistance.

Project goals:

a) Establishment of housing units – social housing principle, for 17 the most socially vulnerable families and internally displaced persons, and one housing unit for provision of psycho-social assistance to targeted population in that region,;

b) Grants distribution and/or employment creation;

c) Assistance in obtaining all rights through legal assistance in coordination with the municipal legal department;

d) Successful integration and involvement of project beneficiaries in local society through information sharing and psycho-social assistance;

f) Improvement of community life through environment improvement

Total project value: 800.000 KM

Donors / project participants:

- Sarajevo Canton, Ministry of housing affairs – 400.000 KM
- Sarajevo Canton Government, Ministry of labor, social affairs, refugees and DPs – 200.000 KM
- UNHCR –65.000 KM
- Hilfswerk Austria, Family Council – oko 30.000 KM
- Ilijaš municipality – 105.000 KM project documentation, ground/location, infrastructure, legal assistance

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