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Housing for Roma in BiH 2009

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Program aims: Support in implementation of the Action Plan for Bosnia and Herzegovina in solving the housing problems of Roma population within the Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015

Project aims: Improvement of status, living conditions and social inclusion of Roma population in BiH through construction of new housing units for Roma families who do not have housing problem solved and temporary live in a collective center in the region of the partner municipality Zenica in Federation BiH

Achieved results:
▪ Constructed two resident buildings each with 8 flats (in total 16) for Roma in Zenica,
▪ Qualitative housing for 16 Roma families in municipality Zenica achieved
▪ Given contribution to social inclusion of Roma through improvement and normalization of their living standard as well as enabling the active involvement of Roma associations into the project implementation in cooperation with local association „Romano Centro“ Zenica

Project beneficiaries: Primary project beneficiaries are Roma families who are residents in targeted municipalities and do not have solved housing problem and/or live in unsuitable housing units

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