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Provision of construction material for a septic pool and provision of a pregnant pig and a wardrobe in support to a returnee family in Prijedor

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2009/HWA/ IF-06

J.B., 4 family members, the Bos. Croats returned in July 1996, when they were smuggled back to their home in Kalajevo village. At the time, both their children returned to the village and immediately enrolled to the local school. Until today, those children are the only real returnee children in the village. The only income that the family has comes from agricultural production and some livestock. When they returned, the reconstruction assistance was provided by Caritas (construction materials for flooring and panel walls and materials for a stable). All other works at the house were done by J.B. who was using second-hand materials he found in the village. There was no septic pool.  J.B. had to sell 12 dunums of forest as heating woods, just to provide for the children’s schooling. Recently, his son finished the college for business management, while his daughter had enrolled the Law Faculty in Banja Luka, finished the second year and could not continue as they could not cover the costs of living and schooling in Banja Luka. J.B. wife is seriously sick – she has a cyst in her head (near cerebellum) which cannot be operated as she could remain immobile. Therefore, she is suffering from constant headaches. Their most needed assistance was to provide additional income and food for family. They asked for a pregnant pig because they have a stable and prepared feed for the animals. Also, their most urgent need was wardrobe for their clothing and other staff because they did not have any, all their clothing was placed on the floor of a storage room.        
This extremely vulnerable returnee family with UNHCR/HWA support improved living standards and is able to raise and sell pigs, keep one or two for their own food and repeat the whole cycle in spring/summer next year.
The number of primary beneficiaries supported by this project was 1 family / 4 persons. 

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