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Support to a returnee family in Kotor Varos through provision of a cow-in-calf and a washing machine

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2009/HWA/ IF-05

M.N., 4 family members, living in Donji Borci. M.N. was working for 29 years in Croatia while his wife and five children were living in their family house in Donji Borci. In August 1992, Milenko was imprisoned in Sports Hall in Zagreb, then in the concentration camps in BiH where he was registered and released by ICRC. ICRC took him to Montenegro for recovery after which he returned home. Due to the conditions of imprisonment and beating, M.N. is declared incapable of work, traumatized, with heavy depression and under constant medication therapy. His three oldest daughters got married and live in Serbia while the youngest daughter is living with her parents but she has slight mental problems and is not willing to get out of the house. The family has a cow, a pig and 6 hens. As the family claimed that they would have most benefit with provision of a cow. They have sufficient milk for their consumptions and for sale, while they could sell a calf to cover some of their urgent needs. It was also important to them to have a washing machine, as it is very difficult for M.N. wife to wash their closing so they were assisted with the washing machine delivered on November 11th, 2009.   
The above mentioned assistance helps the family to increase their monthly income and improve their diet, but would also improve the living standards specially of the female part of the family.
The number of primary beneficiaries supported by this project was 1 family / 4 persons.  

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