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Provision of a milking cow in Support to a returnee family in Kotor Varos

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2009/HWA/ IF-03

N.K. and his old parents live in a distant area of Donje Liplje, some 30 km from Kotor Varos. N.K. was born there in 1960. The family was very poor so he went to Croatia to work as a very young man. He changed locations, following labor needs. He returned to BiH and was registered as departed spontaneously in 2002. In meantime, his parents started to show symptoms of mental disorder. Now, N.K. is desperately trying to find any kind of job. This year they could not even grow vegetables for their own consumption as they could not buy seeds. His father is receiving 153 BAM of pension (he was also working in Croatia for some time). As of 01 June, the CSW Kotor Varos approved monthly social care allowance of 41 BAM for his mother who was institutionalized during the war. As N.C. said that priority of family was start getting some income he would like to be assisted with a milking cow the local dairy “Snjegotina” was regularly buying off milk, the family would have opportunity to have their own milk and sell all access milk. They have more then 50 dunums of land, they have enough feed for the cow. The milking cow has been delivered on December 7th, 2009.
The purchase and delivery of a milking cow was of great importance for this returnee family who realized return but living on edge of existence without employment or income.
The number of primary beneficiaries supported by this project was 1 family / 3 persons. 

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