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Improvement of living conditions and provision of a cow-in-calf in support to a returnee family in Kotor Varos

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2009/HWA/ IF-02

E.C. is self-supported mother of three children, one of whom is mentally disabled member (100 % disabled, both physically and mentally), living in inadequate small house with  parents without sufficient income. They are living on father pension of 182 KM, social care and children allowance of 145 KM. E.C. used to work in the Prolex company before the war, but after her return she did not manage to get an employment. Sometimes she is invited to provide some cleaning services, but it was very rare. They extremely needed assistance in improvement of normal living conditions because the joinery was very old and not protecting them from cold. They did not have bathroom. They had a septic hall, but they did not have electricity connection for boiler. They heated water in a tin tub and bath in one of the rooms.  
HWA / UNHCR supported this family with the purchase and delivery of construction material. Due to their very bad financial situation this family was supported with 1.800,00 BAM which was handed over to E.C. for the skill labor to complete the rehabilitation works and creation of adequate living conditions. Also, as sustainable assistance UNHCR/HWA provided and delivered a cow-in-calf on August 14th, 2009. We engaged the veterinary expert too.   
The assistance improved the quality of habitation and self-sustainability for this extremely vulnerable family.
The number of primary beneficiaries included in this project was 1 family / 6 persons.

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