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Improvement of essential living conditions to a returnee family in Glamoc

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Within this UIF Project we supported a returnee family, single mother of six small children who were living in very inadequate conditions in poorly reconstructed house in a village Dzulican. The only regular income that family had been receiving was that from the Center for Social Welfare, 50 KM. She took care of two cows which she used to support her family. Namely, the house had no hydro-insulation on the walls which is necessary to protect the walls from moisture and clamminess due to winds and rains that are severe in the Glamoc region. The interior of the house had completely been overtaken by moisture. She tried to utilize the living room and the kitchen while the bedrooms could not be used at all. They were sleeping in the hallway as that was the only space where there was no visible mould on the walls. The house had no water supply. This extremely vulnerable returnee family UNHCR/HWA supported with rehabilitation of the house and creation of adequate living conditions through partial reconstruction of internal works, flooring, joinery, sanitary facilities, water supply system including water pump, hydro-insulation on the walls and façade.  
The number of primary beneficiaries included in this project was 1 family / 7 persons.

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