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Sustainable Return and Integration

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The project is an integral approach and includes the involvement of several actors/stakeholders who all aim to reduce poverty among returnees/IDPs and reinstate human dignity. The action tackles serious issues, among them reconciliation, social inclusion, individual human security and socio-economic development for those persons most in need according to UNHCR standards.

As of January 2010, more than 115,000 persons are still registered as internally displaced persons (IDPs) within the BiH, while 33,500 people from BiH are still refugees to the region. In 2011, UNHCR will continue to promote sustainable minority return and work to eliminate obstacles hindering voluntary return and promote sustainable local integration for IDPs who are not in a position to return.

The main aim of the project is to strengthen the local capacities of refugees and IDPs in at least ten municipalities in two target regions selected by UNHCR and HWA through the active participation of UNHCR staff and other regional economic development associations. Additionally, it also contributes to the democratic societal development by strengthening the cooperation between governmental and non-governmental sectors.

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