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Provision of the water supply system in support to sustainable return in Bratunac, LC Glogova and Doboj, LC Grapska

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2009/HWA/ 13

In LC Glogova, out of 15 households there 7 households returned since 2003 but they had no water in their houses. The main local water supply system was not far away, cca 300 m, from their houses but due to very bad financial situation the returnees were not able to complete water connection up to their houses. The returnees are unemployed and the most of them live on the edge of existance. The local authorities consider that support to the return sustainability is of high importance for the returnee existence but they were not financially able to assist the water supply project. The purchase and delivery of needed material for water supply connection performed on November 12th, 2009 and beneficiaries implemented installment of purchased material by themselves.

In LC Grapska in Doboj Municipality live about 1500 returnees. There have been reconstructed 650 houses through different reconstruction projects. Each house has a sewage hole but canalization system covers only 10% of the village. The villagers extremely needed support in provision of a water-tank trailer for sewage clear out from individual houses' sewage holes and stables to prevent infectious diseases. On the basis on demand by representatives of Local Community and “Association of agrarians and craftsmen”, HWA and UNHCR representatives made a field visit. After tendering, UNHCR/HWA purchased and delivered on November  6th, 2009 a water tank of 2400 litres with vacuum pump on the basis on solidarity group use as well. The water tank has been fixed on the trailer and pulled by the existing tractor IMT 539 that was donated by UNHCR in 2006 to the «Assocciation of agrarians and craftsmen» for collective use, as well .
Investing in purchase of water supply connection material for the returnees to LC Glogova and a water-tank for Grapska returnee local community is of great importance improving standard life conditions of returnees as well as their self-sustainable existence and remaining in this area.
The number of primary beneficiaries included in this project IN LC Glogova was 7 families /23 persons and in LC Grapska was 250 families/1500 persons.

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