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Environmental protection

Increase of energy efficiency and
Use of renewable sources of energy 

Hilfswerk Austria International has a rule to always pay a special attention on use of the environmentally friendly building materials i.e. use of building materials with certified proof of quality and non-toxicity for living beings and environment, in all reconstruction (construction) projects since 1996, what was the key step in protecting environment through numerous housing/infrastructure projects performed in BiH. 

env1Renewable sources of energies were used wherever possible, such as a solar heating system in the daily centre for disabled children in Tuzla, built by HWA. 

env2In cooperation with USAID program 3E, a thermo facade and energy saving lights were provided for the new constructed social housing building in Rogatica. This action has increased building energy efficiency and reduced individual utilities costs for families. Creation of energy efficient building and promotion of a new trend in building is a very good example of new and modern technologies use in social housing.


env3In cooperation with UNDP energy efficiency program, a good thermo facade was installed on the new building of a daily care centre for disabled children “Leptir” in Srebre  nica. This significantly improved the energy efficiency of the building and reduced the heating and electricity costs of the canter. 


HWA is continuing in search for funding to implement other project ideas that promote environmental protection and energy efficiency with focus on renewable energy sources use.


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