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Day Care Centre in Birca region

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Background information

birca3Even 14 years after the war, the population (resident or returning) of Birca region still suffers from arduous living conditions. Additionally the people have to cope with a difficult economic situation in five municipalities of the region. As a result families who have children with special needs must live on the edge of poverty.

The local organisation “Leptir” (Butterfly) is currently providing assistance for eight families, but number of families who are in need of such support is much higher.


Hilfswerk Austria International (HWA) is engaged in constructing permanent premises for the Day Care Centre which will significantly improve the quality of Leptir’s support services in a long term and increase its number of beneficiaries which would positively influence the living conditions and the quality of life of all beneficiaries.

Objective and targets

HWA wants to improve the living conditions of children and youth with disability and their parents in the Birca region.
• Permanent, adequate premises for the work with beneficiaries constructed.
• Project promotion and animation of local authorities to enable and support durable and sustainable work of the local organisation “Butterfly”


HWA will help in constructing a Day Care Centre, funded by the Stepic CEE Charity, as permanent premises for children with disabilities and their parents in Birca region. It will also assist in equipping the centre, so that various treatment services could be provided.

The project will serve as promotion of the rights and possibilities of children with disabilities, in order to raise public awareness and to eliminate prejudices against people with special needs.


The main beneficiaries will be 308 parents and their 280 children with disabilities, who live in five municipalities in Birca region.

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