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NETSI - Networking to Support Inclusion in BiH

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Project implemented walmart drug prices cialis in partnership:

Hilfswerk Austria International &

Association for Help and Development HAJDE Sarajevo

Donor: Erste Stiftung Austria



The Project «NETSI – Network to Support inclusion in B&H” started with preparation viagra activities of gathering a project team that would implement the project and design a network (NETSI) with primary goal to initiate communication in the field of social inclusion between and within the governmental and non-governmental sectors.

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It is envisaged that the main mean of communication for the NETSI is a website and forum within so the web page was created through the project. The public presentation of how to use viagra the network NETSI, reasons for its creation and purpose of existence was done through the kick-off conference in the presence of representatives of relevant government institutions and numerous of non-governmental organizations from the whole territory of Bosnia cialis generique and cialis canada price Herzegovina. From that moment the registration of network members and its functioning started.

The NETSI team has chosen experts from a variety of domains that have provided, and still provide professional support to the forum and assist parents, teachers and experts in the matters of where to buy generic cialis inclusion of children with special needs in the regular educational system.

Within the capacity building activities the Team for Network Support (TNS) was additionally trained in Austria and their skills and knowledge have been improved on the the relevant European mainstreams.

Great interest and a growing number of visits to the website show the importance of the network and its role in the process of inclusion



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