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Economic Development and Agriculture

Support to SMEs, creation of new working places and employment projects in Bratunac

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The car maintenance workshop SZR “AUTO MINI SERVIS” from Bratunac was supported with the machines and equipment for car repair in order to expand service capacities and create new viagra mg strength job positions how long does it take for viagra to kick in for returnees to Bratunac. The delivery and montage of the purchased machines and equipment (semi-automatic tire changer, best price on cialis electronic wheel balancer, hot water high-pressure cleaner, wheel aligner) completed on December 17th, 2009. One returnee has been employed (full time) and the company is obliged to employ one pharmacy in canada more returnee in generic cialis the period of 3 months from the date of machines installation, more precisely in spring 2010.

The supported SMEs fulfilled their obligations and employed full time employees/returnees in accordance with the BiH Work Low (registered at PIO/MIO, signed employment contract). 

Support to SMEs, creation of new working places and employment projects in Kozarska Dubica

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Mill “DUKAT” from Kozarska Dubica was supported with construction material for completion of the bakery building construction, start-up the bakery and increase of production capacities of the private mill. The project was co-financed by KozarskaDubicaMunicipality. The owner of the mill completed the installment of the donated construction material and completed the bakery building. In January 2010, two new working places have been opened and two returnees employed (full time).

Within this project a pay-back has been included. The owner was obliged to donate 600 pcs. of bread to 10 the most vulnerable families/social cases in Kozarska Dubica in accordance to the list prepared by the Municipality.  However, the owner became very ill and in hospital and was not able to complete the pay-back activities. He will complete the pay-back in spring 2010. 

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