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Economic Development and Agriculture

Support to internally displaced persons and Woman War Victims in social housing in Ilijas Municipality

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This project was designed on the basis of excellent results of implemented HWA / UNHCR Projects in 2008 and on the suggestions by Sarajevo Canton Public Institution “Family Council” to continue with socio-economic and psycho-social support through creative workshops to the persons of concern - the most vulnerable women war victims, DPs from Srebrenica and extremely vulnerable IDPs in Ilijas settlement. We have organized several important activities in the SHI equipped flat, as follows:  3td sewing course - 30 hours/lessons as continuation of previously conducted sewing courses. We have to stress that the interest for this course was much higher than we can cover even with this additional course. We engaged the professional tailor, who conducted sewing lessons, purchased sewing material and accessories for sewing articles;  Creative workshop – 24 hours/lessons. This idea came from the beneficiaries, after completion of 3td sewing course. Besides sewing, they used to improve some other skills like knitting, needlework, crochet, weaving and made special cloth, some other articles like jeweler, ornaments, gloves, bags… We engaged an external expert, the leader of the creative workshop organized creative lessons, create ideas for making articles, purchase needed material and accessories, organize exhibitions. In the frame of this project with HWA/UNHCR assistance this group of women participated at two promotion exhibitions: one was organized by International Women’s Club’s (IWCS) which was held on December 13th, 2009 in Dom Mladih titled “2009 HOLIDAY SPIRIT BAZAAR” and one in “Merkator Shoping Center” held on December 20th, 2009. (The group of women from Gorazde participated as well, described in Project 2009/HWA/08). They were very successful in selling of their hand made articles and made some income. All activities have been in line with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) concerning poverty reduction and gender equality and empowerment of women (through social inclusion of women war victims - returnees, head of households or else - workshops, job creation, etc.). HWA in cooperation with the Mayor of Ilijas Municipality additionally engaged a social worker for the work with this vulnerable group of women. Also, the activities have been a kind of psycho-social therapy and socialization for them. This kind of support for this population is constantly needed, especially in spring period due to unsteady weather conditions there appear change of mood and revive of psychological trauma. Previous courses were very successful in this sense. The women were associated in group that revived their feeling of affiliation. Due to psychological trauma their self-esteem is imperilled, so far work on its strengthening is very significant for reintegration into social environment. The creative work and new skills training give the best results for increasing self-esteem of this group of women. The number of primary beneficiaries included in this project was 14 families / 43 persons.

Support to SMEs, creation of new working places and employment projects in Jajce

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The company “MER-KUNIC” doo from Jajce, was supported with a vertical cutting wood machine in order to expand production capacities of the panel furniture production. The delivery and montage of the purchased machine was performed on December 25th, 2009. Two new working places have been opened and two returnees employed (full time).  

Provision of material/skilled labor for stables in support to the returnees in Ustikolina, Gorazde, Novo Gorazde, Cajnice and Rudo

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Hilfswerk Austria had developed this particular project to facilitate and improve economic and social environment for the sustainable return of pre-war residents in these municipalities. All of identified returnees possessed sheep or cows but did not have adequate stable. Within this project, 8 families have been assisted with the construction material for stables dim. 4x6 m2 that they reconstructed by themselves and 3 extremely vulnerable returnee families with the reconstruction material for stables including labor because they had no funds or capability to complete the reconstruction works.
The number of beneficiaries was 11 households / 42 persons.

Purchase of buckwheat seed with pay-back in support to sustainable return through

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6Considering our previous experience and excellent effects of buckwheat planting projects this project was designed after analyzing situation in the field together with local authorities in four municipalities: Bosansko Grahovo, Drvar, Glamoc and Bosanski Petrovac. Total distribution of 7.161 kg of buckwheat seed for 72 families was completed on May 19&20, 2009. In cooperation with the local authorities the beneficiaries performed seeding and all other activities related to buckwheat growing and harvest in Autumn 2009. Buckwheat was cultivated at the total area of 651 dunums (1 dunum = 1.000 sq.m). The buckwheat has been used for nutrition enough to satisfy a household needs and surplus placed on the market for different use in industry. The income enabled returnees to expand and continue with production providing full self-sustainability. 

We engaged an agriculture expert/ consultant during overall project for training, expert supervision, consultancy and marketing of final product (as buckwheat flour, pasta, etc.). The beneficiaries needed expert education for growing this type of wheat because the buckwheat was seeded for the first time in these regions. Representatives of HWA and UNHCR, together with engaged expert thereof made regular site visits to cultivated buckwheat land.  

For the purpose of expanding the project to other families in need, there was foreseen the pay-back of back wheat seed to the community. Namely, each beneficiary was obliged to extract some 10 kg of buckwheat crop after the harvest in autumn 2009. The collected crop was than distributed as the original seed to other 7 beneficiaries for the next seeding season in aim to expand and continue with buckwheat production.

The buckwheat project closure festive ceremony was held on October 16th, 2009 in Bosanski Petrovac with presence of all project participants including UNHCR, local authorities, agricultural ministry’s and media. The results of this project were that land was cultivated after many years of being empty and would be more useful for next seeding, each beneficiary had got his own buckwheat seed for the next seeding season, had his own buckwheat products for his needs, surpluses could sell and earn some income. With this project we initiated and started a mass production of buckwheat and its products in this region. Buckwheat products are very desirable on the market.

The number of primary beneficiaries included in this project was 72 families / 314 persons and 7 families/ 28 persons through pay-back.

Purchase of seeds for spring seeding in support to sustainable return to ZvornikMunicipality

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5On the basis on “Announcement for public" by Mr. viagra alternatives that work Fadil Banjanovic - Bracika, returnee and Delegate in RS House of Peoples where he set out needs for spring seeding 2009 canada pharmacy online for the returnees to Zvornik Municipality and analyzing situation canadian pharmacy humalog insulin in the field through the consultation with the local authority, we had come to conclusion that the first and the most efficient step towards self-sustainability was agricultural support to returnee families, using their experience and immediately accessible resource – land. Truck farming has been very important as main nutrition and a source of income for a big number of households in this rural area. Considering very high prices of seeding materials and land preparation for spring seeding UNHCR/HWA assisted 510 families with 9.380 kg of seed potatoes (35 kg per family) and 242 viagra lawsuit bags of corn bean (cca 8 kg per family).

In order to increase the project impacts we included pay-back component in this project, each beneficiary who received potato seed was obliged to viagra and blood pressure contribute cca 10 kg of potato to the community after collecting the potato corps in autumn. Finally 2.500 kg of potato was collected (through pay back) and donated to the kitchen of the public institution for children without parents named Home for Children and Youth “Kiseljak” in Zvornik Municipality on January 28th, 2010.

HWA and UNHCR received a Letter of thanks by Mr. Fadil Banjanović – Bracika for our support to Spring seeding 2009 and the Letter of thanks by the Home for Children and Youth “Kiseljak” for the donation – potato for making meals for the children.

The number of primary beneficiaries included in this project was 510 families / 1530 persons and 31 persons in Home for Children and Youth “Kiseljak” in Zvornik through pay-back.

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