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Mission Statement


Our organization - who we are

Hilfswerk Austria International (HWA) is one of Austria's leading organizations for development cooperation and humanitarian aid to Eastern Europe. Within the scope of Hilfswerk Austria International we provide worldwide assistance to people in need. People, their health, increasing life expectancy and promoting family – especially children, are in the main focus of the organization. We finance our projects through national and international project funding for development cooperation and disaster relief as well as through private donations and sponsoring.

Our values - what is important to us

We respect the culture, history, structures, traditions and customs of the communities and countries where we are active. We provide help for all people regardless of their heritage, gender or their religion. The bases of our projects are the concerns and goals of local people. Thus, the planning and realization of our projects always takes place in conjunction with our partners.

Competent relief that gets there
We guarantee high standards of professionalism with the measures we carry out, competent project management and efficient operation. We are committed to our beneficiaries as well as our sponsors. In order to ensure the optimal implementation of resources, our projects are subject to strict criteria and controls.

Motivated and responsible employees 
Motivated employees in Austria and on the countries/project levels are the key to Hilfswerk Austria's success. For this reason professionalism, continuous professional and personal training as well as social competence are encouraged at Hilfswerk. Our employees possess a considerable degree of personal responsibility.

Our objectives - what we want to achieve

To promote social, economic, democratic and ecological development
Our work is oriented toward Austrian and international objectives of development cooperation. We are involved in the battle against poverty and hunger. We provide emergency relief and reconstruction assistance following wars and natural disasters. We are committed to better health for humankind and to creating educational opportunities. Particular attention is turned to providing relief for children in need and special assistance for women.

To provide help so others can help themselves in the long term
Our assistance is meant to have a sustainable and long-term impact. Sustainability means to equitably implement and ensure socio-cultural, ecological and economic targets. In order to guarantee the long-term effectiveness of our aid programs, we thoroughly involve our local partner organizations in the conception, organization and realization of projects. Our challenge is to see to it that after discontinuation of support the local population is in a position to continue the projects at their own initiative and to shape their lives in an independent and responsible manner.

Development and economy
Economic development is a basic prerequisite for the lasting reduction of poverty and therefore an essential foundation for sustainable development. Hilfswerk Austria International wants to help strengthen economic development and develop modern economic structures in its partner countries. It is important to us to incorporate Austrian and European companies into our projects and to support the business initiatives of companies committed to social and ecological values through confidence-building measures. Furthermore, we support companies in the implementation of CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives and welcome the voluntary assumption of social responsibility by companies as a step toward establishing the necessary basic conditions throughout the world.

Hilfswerk Austria International provides worldwide disaster relief in the aftermath of wars and natural disasters as well as competent project management in long-term development projects and programmes. At the centre of focus are human beings, their health, an improvement in their life chances and the support of the family – particularly of children. Besides providing material aid we equally promote the sustainable strengthening of self-help in the countries we work. Our work follows Austrian and international development goals. We ensure an adequate and efficient use of donation funds, committing ourselves to strictly independent financial auditing.

HWA programme is orientated to:
■ Disaster relief after wars and natural disasters
■ Reconstruction and rehabilitation
■ Long-term development assistance

HWA activities focus on:

Education and training: Accompaniment of local project partners; Knowledge management; Organisational development and consulting

Economic development and agriculture: Income generation; Organic agriculture and rural development; Development of economic structures;

Health and social welfare: Health care and food security; Integration of marginal groups; Water and sanitation.




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Mission Statement


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