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Purchase of a plastic green-house and cows-in-calf in support to sustainable return in rural area of Sarajevo Canton

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2009/HWA/ 17

This proposal was developed on the basis of request by Ministry of Labour, Social Policy, Displaced Persons and Refugees Canton Sarajevo which financed the project of reconstruction of the houses for the internally displaced persons in area of Sarajevo Canton which was implemented by HWA, but did not have funds to support their sustainability. In general, the Ministry had not allocated any funding ro returenees or IDPs in 2009, due to extremely low budget. So far, as contribution by HWA/ UNHCR to the  project for IDPS in Sarajevo Canton we did field assessments. Identified families were social cases / extremely vulnerable internally displaced returnee families in rural area of Sarajevo Canton. Considering these extremely vulnerable returnee families living on their own property and desperately trying to make conditions for self-sustainable return and economic existance. HWA/ UNHCR assisted them through purchase of a plastic green-house for vegetables growing and cows-in-calf.
The purchase of a plastic green-house 100 m2 for vegetable growing for a returnee family to Ilidza performed on December 12th, 2009.
The delivery of 5 cows-in-calf performed on December 18th, 2009.
The families are now able to sustain themselves, place surplus on local market and make additional income what will improve conditions for normal life. This assistance created preconditions for self-sustainability and self-income of the vulnerable returnee families.
The number of primary beneficiaries included in this project was 6 families / 20 persons.

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