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Purchase of a plastic green-house in support to sustainable return Bijeljina

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2009/HWA/ 16

Within this project we supported a young 4 members returnee family with their two children living in Janja. They returned in 2000 and live in small inadequate and decent living house beside his father’s house. Their only income was 45,00 BAM that they receive as social welfare for children. Parents are unemployed, both not educated well and finished only elementary school/registered with the Bureau for Employment in Bijeljina. They cultivate land and other assistance they did not benefit from. The family expressed a need to be assisted with a plastic green-house of 100 m2 in order to increase production of vegetables for their needs, some surplus to sell at the local market and in that way increase their income.
The purchase of a plastic green-house 100 m2 for vegetable growing for a returnee family to Janja, delivery and montage was performed on November 13th, 2009.
The number of primary beneficiaries included in this project was 1 family / 4 persons.

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