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Purchase of winter wheat seed in support to sustainable return to Kalesija Municipality

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2009/HWA/ 15

This project was developed on the basis of request by the “Association of citizens and farmers" from Gojcin who set out needs for winter seeding 2009 for the returnees to Kalesija Municipality. The returnees have been affected with the economic crisis, unemployment, less job opportunities available and it was above their financial capacity to provide winter seeds for autumn seeding season. They prepared land for seeding, ploughing and milling needed on soil and HWA / UNHCR assisted them with the provision of 9.250 kg of winter wheat seed type “EVROPA 90”.
In cooperation with the “Association of citizens and farmers" the delivery completed on November 2nd, 2009. In total 310 dunums of land have been seed by the beneficiaries.
Investing in this kind of projects like wheat growing is significant for nutrition for household needs as well as for food production in whole.
The number of primary beneficiaries included in this project was 51 families / 218 persons.

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