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Purchase of agricultural machines and a plastic green-house in support to sustainable return in Drvar and Bosanski Petrovac

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2009/HWA/ 12

Within this project we have supported four extremely vulnerable returnee families that extremely needed sustainability assistance with agricultural mechanisation and plastic green-house to gain some income. The project activities were organized in response to the needs and returnees’ capability and situation recognized on return sites. 
We purchased and delivered 2 motor-cultivators. One returnee family to Bosanski Petrovac was assisted with the plastic green-house of 100 m2 in order to increase production of vegetables for their needs, some surplus to sell at the local market and in that way increase their income.
We purchased and delivered a chain-saw for a returnee family to Drvar.
The number of primary beneficiaries included in this project was 4 families / 14 persons.

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