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Eleven families in Stari Grad received new flats

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1baruthanaA new building was opened in Baruthana today. Eleven families from Stari Grad who have been internally displaced for 25 years now received the flats in the building. Municipality Stari Grad had been providing alternative accomodation for these people over the past year and thereby allocating significant funds for this purpose. With the construction of this facility as well as the building for nine beneficiaries in Brusulje, that was completed five years ago, the problem of displaced persons in Stari Grad is solved. Besides this, at the beginning of the year, a buliding was built in Čadordžina for socially vulnerable familes that accomodated seven families, and the total of 27 families in Stari Grad received new homes in the past five years.

The building construction in Bartuhana lasted for three years and costed 635.000 KM. The Municipality financed the construction in the amount of 440.000 KM, Ministry of Labour, Social Policy and Displaced Persons of Sarajevo Canton allocated 185.000 KM, and humanitarian organisation Hilfswerk Austria International that implemented the project donated 10.000 KM.

“This is the third in the row of builing that we constructed in the past five years and it is designated for internally displaced persons. The Municipality allocated around 440.000 KM in cash, but however, I emphasize that the complete infrastructure, i.e. land and building permits, rent and construction land were financed by the Municipality. This means that the project is certainly worth over a million KM,“

said the Mayor of Stari Grad Municipality, Ibrahim Hadžibajrić. He confirmed that all internally displaced persons in Stari Grad who lost their homes in the war are  now acoommodated, and that there are a few remaining cases for which the Municipality is funding alternative accomodation, but those people were not displaced as the consequence of the war. „I believe that we are the first Municipality i BiH that took care of our citizens in this way“, Hadžibajrić added.

The Director of humanitarian organisation Hilfswerk Austria International Suzana Jašarević explained that this idea was born four years ago in cooperation with Stari Grad Municipality and the Ministry of Labour, Social Policy and Displaced Persons of Sarajevo Canton with the purpose of solving problems of persons who had no homes because their homes were destroyed in the war and the return is not possible, so they were using alternative accomodation. „I am very happy that we are at the end of this project and that I see the beneficiaries, who have waited for this moment for such a long time. Due to the lack of funds, we were constructing this building from one year to another, but luckily, it is all finished today“, said Jašarević.




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