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Social Housing

Social Housing System (SHS) – Development of an Integrated Model in Theory and Practice

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1Social Housing System (SHS) – Development of an Integrated Model in Theory and Practice, was finished on 31 December 2015. Project results and the most important recommendations for an integrated sustainable model of social housing in BiH.

Within the project, six housing buildings were constructed in the municipalities of Jablanica, Prozor-Rama, and Stari Grad Sarajevo, the cities of Tuzla and Bijeljina and Brčko District BiH. In total, 63 housing units were built for eligible beneficiaries in need and allocated to the families in line with principles of social housing.

Having recognised the importance of social housing, the EU provided one million EUR for this project through IPA 2011 funds, and attracted co-funding from local authorities and Hilfswerk Austria International (HWA) in the amount of 714.905 EUR.

In addition to municipalities involved in the project, the project was also supported by the BiH Commission for Refugees and Displaced Persons/BiH Fund for Return, the FBiH Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees, the RS Ministry for Displaced Persons and Refugees, HNC Administration for Displaced Persons and Refugees and TC Ministry for Labour, Social Policy and Return.The project was implemented by Hilfswerk Austria International (HWA), in partnership with the Foundation for Local Democracy.



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naslovnapetrovacThe social housing building in Bosanski Petrovac has been constructed within a 8.1 million worth project „Support to durable solutions of the Revised strategy for implementation of Annex VII of the Dayton Peace Agreement, which is funded by the European Union (in the amount of 7 million euro through IPA 2012), and co-funded and implemented by the UNHCR in cooperation with the project partners.

Hilfswerk Austria International -  the implementer of the project components for housing and economic sustainability is in charge of construction of this building in Bosanski Petrovac. The Municipality Bosanski Petrovac provided the magnanimous support in implementation as well as the land for construction, building permits and the revised project documentation.

The purpose of this project is to assist at least 2.400 vulnerable displaced persons and refugees in B&H, including the women war victims with finding solutions to social challenges that they are facing, through the joint team work with local authorities, local community, civil society and project partners.

Project partners in cooperation with the local autorities are indentifying the needs od displaced persons and refugees with the aim of strengthening their social protection and inclusion, provision of health protection for the elderly, education for the children, providing of the free legal aid, pshychological and social  counselling and the housing. The project started in 2014 and shall be implemented untill 2016 in the following Municipalities in B&H: Bosanski Petrovac, Gradiška, Prijedor, Derventa, Maglaj, Bijeljina, Brčko Distrikt, Živinice, Mostar and Foča.

Project implementation partners are: UN Development fund (UNDP), UN Children's Fund (UNICEF), International organisation for migrations (IOM), Hilfswerk Austria International (HWA), Bosnian Humanitarian Logistic Service (BHLS), Foundation of local democracy (FLD), and Vaša prava B&H Association (VP).


Provision of durable housing solutions

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Project title:
Provision of durable housing solutions (social housign model) for extremely vulnerable tenants of one collective centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina, closing the centre

Project location:

Project participants/Donors:
- SAD, Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (BPRM)
- Ministry for Refugees and Displaced Persons of RS
- Rogatica Municipality
- USAID BiH through project Enterprise Energy Efficiency (3E)

Implementating partner:
Representative Office in Sarajevo, Derviša Numića 6, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH
Contact person: Suzana JAŠAREVIĆ, Head of Mission for BiH

Program objectives:
- Contribution to the implementation of revised strategy of the implementation of Annex 7 of the Dayton Peace Agreement, increasing security and reducing poverty by improving the quality of life of vulnerable households in B&H - residents of collective centers. For them will be provided permanent housing solutions on the principle of social housing, and consequently reduce the number of collective centers in B&H.

Project objectives:
Improving housing conditions and social inclusion of displaced persons in B&H, through the construction of new housing units for socially vulnerable families in the Municipality of Rogatica. The main project activities are the construction of a residential building with 14 (fourteen) housing units on the principle "key in hand" and appropriate measures of sustainability.

Achieved results:
- Construction of a building with 14 residential units in Rogatica Municipality according the principle "key in hand", for 13 families residing in the collective center of the "National University" Rogatica and an area for joint activities;
- Closing the building of a collective center "National University" Rogatica;
- Outdoor facilities - access to the new building (part);
- Thermo facade and installation of savings bulbs in cooperation with the USAID project 3E - monitoring the effects of reducing household energy consumption (energy efficiency);
- Revitalization of living conditions through the awarding of grants, equipping the housing units and / or organization of various activities for the beneficiaries;

Project beneficiaries:
Direct beneficiaries of the project are 13 families (15 persons), displaced socially vulnerable persons (DPs), returnee and domicile persons who now live in collective centre „National University“ Rogatica and whole population in Rogatica (return of old building purposes of the National University)

Total value of the project: 638.429 $ as follows:
- BPRM – 500.000 $
- Ministry for Refugees and Displaced Persons of RS – 50.000 KM (33.275 $)
- Rogatica Municipality – 50.000 KM (33.275 $)
- Rogatica Municipality (land, infrastructure, permissions) cca. 51.909 $
- USAID about 30.000 KM (19.970 $)

Project duration: 16 months

Social Housing for Roma in BiH 2009

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Project stakeholders/Donors:
- Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees BiH (MHRR)
- Federation BiH, Ministry of displaced Persons and Refugees
- Municipality Zenica
- Hilfswerk Austria International (HWA)

Representation office Sarajevo, Derviša Numića 6, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH
Contact person: Suzana JAŠAREVIĆ, Country Director BiH

Program aims:
Support in implementation of the Action Plan for Bosnia and Herzegovina in solving the housing problems of Roma population within the Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015

Project aims:
Improvement of status, living conditions and social inclusion of Roma population in BiH through construction of new housing units for Roma families, using the HWA social housing model, who do not have housing problem solved and temporary live in a collective center in the region of the partner municipality Zenica in Federation BiH

Achieved results:
- Constructed two resident buildings each with 8 flats (in total 16) for Roma in Zenica,
- Qualitative housing for 16 Roma families in municipality Zenica achieved
- Given contribution to social inclusion of Roma through improvement and normalization of their living standard as well as enabling the active involvement of Roma associations into the project implementation in cooperation with local association „Romano Centro“ Zenica

Project beneficiaries:
Primary project beneficiaries are Roma families who are residents in targeted municipalities and do not have solved housing problem and/or live in unsuitable housing units

Total project value for the municipality Zenica: 1.070.000 KM where:
- 625.700 KM MHRR with the Federal Ministry of Planning
- 150.000 KM municipality Zenica for the buildings construction
- 44.300 KM HWA with the Federal Ministry od DPs and Refugees
- 250.000 KM municipality Zenica for the part of exterior arrangement

Project duration: 19 months

Social housing

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The country Bosnia and Herzegovina still faces serious difficulties to find durable solutions for suitable accommodation, integration and socialization of the most vulnerable population such as socially vulnerable women and their families who have no or very little income, single mothers, widows who lost their husbands in the war and/or traumatized women such as war victims.

This project focuses on these socially vulnerable women who live in Canton Sarajevo, Municipality Ilijaš and its aim is to erect and finance a house for their accommodation.

Objectives of the Project are:

- Construction of a resident building with 6 one-room apartments in the Municipality Ilijaš
- Provision of accommodation for 6 families of women war victims, widows and/or vulnerable women head of households and their children through construction of a resident building
- Improved community life through improvement of living environment

Characteristics of the targeted area:

Municipality of Ilijaš in Canton Sarajevo is amongst the most specific municipalities in B&H as during the war it was occupied by the Serb forces, what resulted in displacement of local Bosnians and Bosnian Croats population to Croatia and wider area of Federation of B&H. On the other hand, after the DPA signature and
before the reintegration of Ilijaš municipality into the Federation of B&H, almost complete Bosnian Serb population fled to areas of Republic Srpska or Serbia.

Target group:

Project beneficiaries are at least 6 families or about 15 to 25 persons who are socially vulnerable women, single mothers or widows.
The Municipality will Ilijaš organize together with Hilfswerk Austria and H. Stepic CEE Charity the selection of beneficiaries who apply on public invitation and in commission for beneficiary selection for accommodation in the house.

Project data:

Budget: EUR 120.000
Project duration: September 2008 – July 2009
Project donor: H. Stepic CEE Charity & Municipality Ilijas
Project implementor: Hilfswerk Austria Mission Office in BiH

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