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Education and Inclusion

NETSI - Networking to Support Inclusion in BiH - Phase II

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Project implemented in partnership:netsi2

Hilfswerk Austria International

Association for Help and Development HAJDE Sarajevo &

Center for Cultural and Media Decontamination

Donor: Erste Stiftung Austria

The first project phase proved that NETSI network has a large potential and that the communication amongst network members is relevant to achieving of main Project goal and the inclusion in general.


Through this project, participants in elementary school education were, besides other things, encouraged to get involved into the Network functioning, as they have been assessed to be very important links at the beginning of inclusion chain and first contact between children with difficulties and the society.

With the purpose of supporting teachers and other Network members, MET (Multidisciplinary Expert Team) has been established. The team took an active participation in surveying the needs for expert support in elementary schools in B&H, it provided expert support at NETSI webpage forum, it held educational workshops in schools and delegated topics for Network member meetings.

Parallel to development of the study, a media partner, Center for Cultural and Media Decontamination made a promotional film for the Network (in cooperation wtih PIT and MET) that aims at popularization of the Network and lobbying for the rights of children with impairments in our society.

In the course of the Project a study visit of PIT, partners and associates was made to Vienna, within which the knowledge was enriched by experiences of EU colleagues.



NETSI - Networking to Support Inclusion in BiH

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Project implemented walmart drug prices cialis in partnership:

Hilfswerk Austria International &

Association for Help and Development HAJDE Sarajevo

Donor: Erste Stiftung Austria



The Project «NETSI – Network to Support inclusion in B&H” started with preparation viagra activities of gathering a project team that would implement the project and design a network (NETSI) with primary goal to initiate communication in the field of social inclusion between and within the governmental and non-governmental sectors.

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It is envisaged that the main mean of communication for the NETSI is a website and forum within so the web page was created through the project. The public presentation of how to use viagra the network NETSI, reasons for its creation and purpose of existence was done through the kick-off conference in the presence of representatives of relevant government institutions and numerous of non-governmental organizations from the whole territory of Bosnia cialis generique and cialis canada price Herzegovina. From that moment the registration of network members and its functioning started.

The NETSI team has chosen experts from a variety of domains that have provided, and still provide professional support to the forum and assist parents, teachers and experts in the matters of where to buy generic cialis inclusion of children with special needs in the regular educational system.

Within the capacity building activities the Team for Network Support (TNS) was additionally trained in Austria and their skills and knowledge have been improved on the the relevant European mainstreams.

Great interest and a growing number of visits to the website show the importance of the network and its role in the process of inclusion



PEARL – Support to inclusive education of children with disabilities in kindergartens and preschools in both B&H entities

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Project realized in cooperation with:
Hilfswerk Austria International
Association for Help and Development HAJDE Sarajevo
Association for Work with children with learning and developing disabilities „Kutak“ Sarajevo
Association of Parents of handycapped children and youth „Leptir“ Srebrenica
The General Administracion Office and Social Servises, Department of Social Welfare Kiseljak

Donor: Erste Foundation Austrija

Project name: PEARL – Support to inclusive education of children with disabilities in kindergartens and preschools in both B&H entities




Project description

Project «PEARL – Support to inclusive education of children with disabilities in kindergartens and preschools in both BH entities» started with sending requests for the approval of the project implementation to the relevant ministries in all three regions which are foreseen for the progress of project activities. The procedure of issuing approvals lasted a certain period. This period was used to assemble the project team and prepare the activities.
Within the project, a total of 12 workshops was held for teachers in preschools institutions, parents of children with special needs, and other professionals who are involved in the inclusion process, from the observation, diagnosis to the inclusion in to the system i.e. psychologists, teachers, educators, social workers, doctors, special educators...

Workshops were held in three project regions:
1) Sarajevo Canton
2) Central Bosnia Canton
3) Birča Region (Srebrenica, Bratunac, Vlasenica, Milići i Šekovići)
For the project implementation we have formed a project implementation team (PIT), which was composed of experts in the field of inclusion and experienced in work with children with special needs, from all three project regions, in regular and special education. In total 8 members from all partner organizations.
PIT recorded the situation in the regions and made a selection of the topics that have to be emphasized through workshops (both, for teachers and for parents). In this way, it was clear that the situation and needs in the project regions were different.
From a large number of children, who live in the Birča region, who are not involved in the educational system (neither preschool nor school) and have 12 or more years; to Kiseljak which has a Center for Early Childhood Development with at least two preschool institutions for children with special needs; and Sarajevo Canton where the inclusion began most first. In accordance to that, the direction and content of workshops were determined.
Data on the situation in the field were basis for formation of a program for a study visit to Austria, a country in which the educational inclusion works for more than 50 years. The study visit was attended by the PIT.
Visits were organized in integrative groups to regular kindergartens (Wiener kindergarten-two kindergartens of which one with a special class), to an NGO which supports the inclusion process (Integration Wien), and to the Organization for Autistic Population in Austria. Based on previous experience in work of all PIT members, experiences and models introduced during the study visit to Austria, and in accordance to the needs of the majority in the region, educational material was designed, printed and distributed to all workshop members.
Within the project, a study entitled „An insight into the state of social inclusion of children with special needs in regular education in BiH“was prepared. Testing of readiness of preschool institutions for inclusion was carried out for the preparation of the study.
Project results, the situation on the field and other information’s were presented within the conference as a final project activity which was held in Sarajevo.

Topics through workshops:
- Methodological aspects of work with children with developing and learning disabilities
- Early growth and development, politics of early growth and development, view of the current situation in B&H and the local community
- Diagnosis of child development with indications on development I rare developmental disabilities as starting point for the creation of individual tailored programs of early growth simulation and development of children (Multidisciplinary approach)
- Integration process of children with disabilities into the regular educational system
- Guideline through rights of people with disabilities
- Early medical diagnosis of children with indicators of development disabilities, the importance and difficulties
- Psychological diagnosis of early growth children, experiences
- Functional diagnosis of children with pervasive developmental disabilities according to the ABA approach.
- Stimulation program of early growth and development of children with developmental disabilities-multidisciplinary approach
- Stimulation program of early growth and development of children
- Experiences in applying the stimulation of early growth and children development according to the Montessori approach
- Stimulation program of early growth and children development according to the ABA approach
- Experiences in applying music as a stimulation for early growth and children development in conjunction with the work of a speech therapist
- Effective early intervention and support- improving child health

All listed topic are handled with a lot of practical examples and practical work. Experts from various regions participated in workshops in other regions, which was a new experience for them.

Generally, project PEARL is rated with a very high grade from participants in workshops (a total of 223 participants). The average rating is 4,76 (on a scale from 1 to 5).

Day Care Centre in Birca region

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Background information

birca3Even 14 years after the war, the population (resident or returning) of Birca region still suffers from arduous living conditions. Additionally the people have to cope with a difficult economic situation in five municipalities of the region. As a result families who have children with special needs must live on the edge of poverty.

The local organisation “Leptir” (Butterfly) is currently providing assistance for eight families, but number of families who are in need of such support is much higher.


Hilfswerk Austria International (HWA) is engaged in constructing permanent premises for the Day Care Centre which will significantly improve the quality of Leptir’s support services in a long term and increase its number of beneficiaries which would positively influence the living conditions and the quality of life of all beneficiaries.

Objective and targets

HWA wants to improve the living conditions of children and youth with disability and their parents in the Birca region.
• Permanent, adequate premises for the work with beneficiaries constructed.
• Project promotion and animation of local authorities to enable and support durable and sustainable work of the local organisation “Butterfly”


HWA will help in constructing a Day Care Centre, funded by the Stepic CEE Charity, as permanent premises for children with disabilities and their parents in Birca region. It will also assist in equipping the centre, so that various treatment services could be provided.

The project will serve as promotion of the rights and possibilities of children with disabilities, in order to raise public awareness and to eliminate prejudices against people with special needs.


The main beneficiaries will be 308 parents and their 280 children with disabilities, who live in five municipalities in Birca region.

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