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Hilfswerk Austria International (HWA) was founded as an own non-governmental humanitarian, non-profit organisation and started its international worldwide activities in 1996. Since 1989, international projects were implemented through Österreichisches Hilfswerk. As an organization of Österreichisches Hilfswerk (Austrian welfare organization), HILFSWERK AUSTRIA INTERNATIONAL (HWA) has been providing humanitarian aid worldwide as well as competent project management for development cooperation projects. HWA has been providing people for many years with sustainable relief and support to re-organize and re-establish their lives after huge catastrophes. All activities are done in flexible and un-bureaucratic manner, wherever it is needed.

HWA has a headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Through 14 Regional Offices located in Eastern Europe (including Balkan), Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia and through partnerships to local NGOs, HWA implements humanitarian aid and sustainable development projects in four continents.

In 2010 HWA has carried out more than 80 projects in 27 countries with about 100 employees, where more than 80 of them are local staff in project countries worldwide. HWA focus regions worldwide are: East / Southern Europe / Caucasus - Bosnia and Herzegovina; Serbia; Romania, Republic of Moldova; Ukraine Belarus; Russian Federation; Georgia; Azerbaijan; Armenia;  Middle East: Palestinian Territories; Jordan; Iran; Asia: Afghanistan; Tajikistan; Pakistan; India; Nepal; China; Myanmar / Burma; Thailand; Indonesia; Sri Lanka; Africa: Sudan; Mozambique; Zimbabwe; Senegal; Latin America: Bolivia; Colombia; Nicaragua; Honduras; Haiti.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has been in focus of HWA activities since 1992. In the period from 1996-2011 HWA has gained specific expertise and experience in B&H in the field of minority reintegration, support to refugees and IDPs, reconciliation and peace building in post conflict period, job creation, agriculture and socio-economic development, support to small and medium enterprises, social housing, social inclusion, human rights, local capacity building and other relevant supports.

The first official registration of HWA in BiH was done immediately after the DPA signature, at the beginning of 1996. Since then HWA has implementing projects, without any interruption, having the financial contribution of various national and international donors around the whole country and has the permission to operate in the whole B&H territory. More than 150 local professionals have been engaged through the projects in HWA BiH.

HWA has strong and respectable references in B&H with various donors: the US Government (BPRM), Austrian government (ADA), EC, UNHCR, the Dutch government, other Austrian donors, B&H government of all levels, in management and implementation of 73 projects valued more than 53 Million EUR. Over 12.000 families have been assisted through more than 3.300 houses reconstructed, 6 social housing buildings constructed with 56 flats, 5.400 grants delivered, at least 60 permanent new jobs created, 2 daily centres for children with special needs constructed etc.

Since the beginning of its engagement in B&H HWA has diversified activities in the country towards poverty reduction, socio-economic development, strengthening civil society role in human rights promotions and support to the most vulnerable groups in reconciliation, reintegration and social integration, thus contributing to Millennium Development Goals (MDG) fulfilment.

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